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Thinking of moving to Oregon? A few locations that you might enjoy:

  1. Bend – Located in central Oregon, Bend is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, with access to skiing, mountain biking, hiking, and water sports. The city also has a growing craft beer scene and a thriving arts community.
  2. Eugene – Home to the University of Oregon, Eugene is a lively college town that offers a great quality of life. The city is surrounded by scenic forests and mountains and has a strong emphasis on sustainability and green living. Eugene is also known for its cultural events and festivals, including the Eugene Celebration and the Oregon Country Fair.

The Oregon Coast is known for its rugged beauty and small, charming towns. Here are some of the best places to live on the Oregon Coast:

Photo by Zetong Li on Pexels.com
  1. Astoria – Located near the mouth of the Columbia River, Astoria is a historic town with a thriving arts scene and a variety of outdoor recreation opportunities. The town has a strong sense of community and is known for its Victorian-era homes, museums, and galleries.
  2. Newport – Newport is a bustling coastal town that is home to the Oregon Coast Aquarium, the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse, and a variety of shops and restaurants. The town also has several beautiful beaches and state parks, including Nye Beach and Beverly Beach State Park.
  3. Cannon Beach – Known for its picturesque Haystack Rock and its charming downtown area, Cannon Beach is a popular destination for tourists and residents alike. The town has a variety of art galleries, restaurants, and boutique shops, as well as several miles of pristine beaches.
  4. Florence – Located on the Siuslaw River, Florence is a small town with a strong sense of community. The town is home to several parks and nature preserves, including the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, and has a variety of shops, restaurants, and galleries.
Photo by Rachel Strong on Pexels.com

Multnomah Falls is a beautiful and iconic waterfall located in the Columbia River Gorge, about 30 miles east of Portland, Oregon. The waterfall is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Oregon and is known for its stunning beauty and accessibility. The falls drop in two stages, the upper fall plunging 542 feet and the lower fall dropping 69 feet, with a total height of 611 feet.

Visitors can enjoy a variety of hiking trails in the area, ranging from short walks to more strenuous hikes. The most popular trail is the paved path that leads to a viewing platform at the base of the falls, offering a spectacular view of the waterfall and the surrounding scenery.

The area around Multnomah Falls is also home to a historic lodge, which was built in 1925 and offers lodging, dining, and shopping. The lodge is a popular spot for visitors who want to spend more time exploring the area.

Overall, Multnomah Falls is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Oregon, offering a stunning example of the state’s natural beauty.

Need a Real Estate Broker in Oregon, we can help connect you: email us at TEAM@McDanielCallahan.com or call 925-838-4300. Terry McDaniel DRE license #00941526

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